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Refurbishment / Rehab

Please contact CAZGIR for any type of repair/rehab jobs on your cryogenic equipment ESPECIALLY, BEFORE SCRAPPING IT. CAZGIR might be able to provide rehab/refurb services on your old cryogenic vessels to the 25% of the cost of a potential cryogenic vessel investment of yours. CAZGIR does refurbishment and repair jobs on the cryogenic vessels as the following:



a. Periodic / ADR inspections on trailers and bulk tanks

b. Perlite to super insulation modifications on the cryogenic transport equipment

c. Inner/Outer tank leak repairs

d. Vacuum - Helium leak testing / warm-cold retention testing

e. Nitrogen Purging

f. Major / Minor Accident Repairs

g. Piping / Structural / Cabinet repairs

h. Piping modifications

i. Product meter and pump installations

j. Framework on ISO/Offshore/Onshore containers

k. Custom decaling / lettering

l. Partial / complete paint jobs

m. Suspension work / brake – electrical jobs on the cryogenic transport equipment