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  • LNG Transport Trailers

    LNG transport trailers are manufactured based on customer’s specific requests as well as standard designs based on EU, US-DOT, Canada and AS codes. Any combinations of piping. Valving, pump and...
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  • ASME DOT trailers

    After penetrating into Europe, Russia, The Middle East, Latin America and Australia, TOC - CAZGIR has now entered to the US market with its DOT approved cryogenic trailers. Each design is tailor-made based on customer’s specific design criteria and operational requests (Different line sizes, P&I, Pump&Flowmeter options, etc.).
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  • Bulk Cryogenic Tank Systems

    Turn-key bulk tank systems come in different capacities and configurations. Each system is designed with different P&I, vaporizer and unloading skid and control panel options based on customers specific requests and operational needs. Please contact CAZGIR for further information and to create your own design.
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  • Mud Tanks (Complete Turnkey)

    Each mud system is tailor made based on customer’s specific requests and the type of rig to be used by the customer...
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  • Skid Frac Tanks

    Skid Frac tanks come in different sizes and piping configurations based on customers specific requests and the domestic /national road regulations; so the cost of transportation of each unit from one location to another can be adjusted at the minimal level. The trailirized frac tanks are due to be released as of April, 2014.
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